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You may be like me, spending thousands on classes, books and seminars searching for answers.

I now know that the answers were always within. I spent so much time and money searching outside of myself that I wasn’t able to realize that I had been getting the answers all along. I began to meditate and that took me to a whole new level of understanding. I started listening to my spirit within. As I did this, the answers seemed to be right in front of me. Sometimes the answers would appear in a book I was reading or someone would say something in a way I could hear it. Hey, wait a minute could it be this easy? The Answer: Yes! When you are open you will be amazed at the information that really comes through.

The Truth is that we have all been programmed by our thoughts and emotions we experience growing up. The programs you grow up with are playing in the background in your subconscious mind and in many cases, still running the show. Let me give you an example from my own life. When I was a child I remember talking to God. There was an innate feeling in me that told me I was special. Once, while in Sunday school, I was informed that it was not possible for me to do this, that only the elders in church could do that. I accepted this as truth and lost my connection. Another experience I had growing up is remembering how my parents fought about money…and they fought a lot. I adopted the belief that marriage is hard and money is elusive and hard to get. I have since had many experiences of feast and famine. For a long time it was my reality that we do not get what we want, we get what we believe. What you focus on most is the vibration of what you bring into being. Everything is Energy and everything is a vibration of that energy. You can affect change.

Clients that coach with me benefit in life changing ways. I act your guide to keep you focused on what really matters to you. What do you want to be different in your life? Be Honest with yourself, because if you aren’t no one else will. I love holding the space for my clients that creates real and everlasting change. Once you have momentum going in the direction you really want to be targeting, it just becomes more fun and it will motivate you to achieve your goals.

We create from our thoughts and emotions and focusing on your end result. Then why aren’t we living the life of our dreams? We are all human and heard things as we were going up. A lot of this programming has stayed with us and continues to play out in our daily lives. It’s an on going journey for us all. What that says to me is, just enjoy the process. Please see testimonials to hear success stories & coaching experiences of a few of my clients. Ready to have a complimentary breakthrough experience? Go to the Coaching Options section.

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